Supplements? Do I need them?

Monday, October 3, 2016

Generally speaking, the normal human body can extract all the vitamins and minerals it needs from eating a healthy, varied and balanced diet.  But the big question is: How many of us these days eat a completely healthy, varied and balanced diet – every day? 

Endless list 

It's not always easy to eat as much fruit, vegetables and unprocessed food as we should each day - plus the ration of Olive Oil or other unsaturated fats that doctors recommend.  Add to this all the whole grains, wheat germ, nuts and seeds we should be eating instead of so much meat, cheese or egg protein.

And you also need to increase your intake of non-fat protein from legumes like lentils, chickpeas and red, white and black beans!   Oh and don't forget the three portions of white fish, tuna, salmon or mackerel we're supposed to eat each week  - and the list could go on and on!  And that's just for the average bloke living a normal life-style!


What about competitive athletes like racing cyclists, swimmers and runners? Athletes who regularly push their body to the limit of endurance deplete their bodily reserves of important vitamins, minerals and other substances that are vital to their health and fitness. 

Guys who dedicate their whole life to sport need sports supplements to give back nutritional balance to a body being pushed to the limits on a regular basis.  And it's for this reason Sports Nutrition Supplementation is now a recognised and accepted way for athletes to achieve and maintain their peak performance - naturally.

21st century science

This doesn't mean you should start taking a random mix of dietary supplements, you need to do some research about how your body functions under stress and find out which good-quality Sports Supplements are best for you and your sport. 

This will ensure you get the sport supplements with the right vitamins, minerals and other substances to strengthen your immune system, boost performance and aid recovery.

We're in the 21st century now, folks, and the science of Sports Nutrition is a well-established branch of medicine providing solid, necessary products for optimal athletic fitness and world-beating performances. 

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