Back Pain & Pregnancy - How Physiotherapy Eases Your Pain Naturally

Monday, February 12, 2018

Most women know how much back pain hurts during the months leading up to the birth of their lovely baby. But in a recent survey, it was found that very few women realise that physiotherapy can do a lot to ease your pain!

Natural and safe

This is probably because many doctors view this constant, nagging pain as something pregnant women must accept without complaining! Well, you should complain and more importantly, you should go and see a physiotherapist.

A trained physiotherapist uses completely natural and safe methods including massage, relaxation techniques and gentle but effective exercises to make you and your baby much more comfortable.

Medical training

Remember that physiotherapists have to reach a very high level of medical training to qualify and they're the experts in treating musculo-skeletal back pain without the use of pain-killers. You don't need a doctor's referral letter to see a physiotherapist, but you can ask your doctor to recommend a good physio if you wish.

Why Does My Back Hurt?

The hormones created by your body during pregnancy cause muscles, joints and ligaments to become more elastic ready for your baby's birth. A growing baby also causes your centre of gravity to shift causing lower back pain and/or pressure on the sciatic nerve spreading pain to hips, bottom and legs. That's why physiotherapy to correct your posture and spinal alignment is so successful.

Easing Back Pain

A highly-skilled physiotherapist will gather information and develop a natural pain-relief treatment plan. This can include special exercises, posture correction, stretching and other gentle but effective techniques. For example:

  • pecial physiotherapy to help your changing body as your pregnancy progresses
  • Specific pelvic-floor and low back exercises that reduce your pain and strengthen muscles
  • Massage therapy provides significant relief for pregnancy-related pain
  • Massage also helps with any stress or anxiety related to pregnancy


You can't imagine how wonderfully relaxing a massage is for a pregnant mum! And having treatment from someone who understands your pain and knows how to relieve it is very comforting. Sometimes, busy doctors and midwives dismiss requests for ante-natal pain-relief treatment as if you're making a fuss about nothing.

Pregnancy is a natural process, but so is physiotherapy pain relief! Find your local Physio Inq clinic today to help through your pain today.

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