10 Ways to Wake Up Happier Every Morning

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

If you have a 9 to 5 job, and if you are not a morning person, waking up could turn out to be real struggle, involving force feeding or even downing a cup or two of coffee to make it the outside of the door. However, getting to the office isn't just the only struggle; the rest of your day could also end up on a bad note then.

Here are the top 10 ways to ensure that you wake up excited and energetic, every day:

1. Don't skip breakfast
We aforementioned force feeding; however, not most of us really even do that. We simply grab onto some fruit or juice and run to the office, not realizing that we would be hungry just within a few hours. Sparing 15 minutes in the morning for breakfast could instantly make you feel happier and energetic.

2. Don't watch TV
If you are a sensitive person, avoid turning on the TV in the morning. Skip the morning programs or even bad news; it's really going to help your mood.

3. Listen to some music
Music can cheer up your mood anytime. It's like your on-the-go therapy that you could get even while commuting to the office.

4. Plan your morning before going to sleep
Preparing yourself beforehand for work could save you the trouble of finding keys, cell phone or wallet in the morning that could really make you feel agitated or flustered. It will hardly take around 10 minutes to prepare everything; trust us, you will wake up less stressed.

5. Cuddle and play with your pet
If you don't have a pet yet, have some fluff in your life to cuddle up to in the morning and also before going to sleep, or even while watching TV.

6. Don't hit snooze
Don't snooze. Why? Because science has proven that snoozing alarms could leave you tired and even groggier. Try to wake up as soon as you hear your morning alarm ringing. This is tough, we know. But if you could put yourself to sleep at the right time, you will feel less-troubled getting up in the morning (we also know that putting yourself to sleep could be a real struggle too).

7. Keep the curtains half closed only
Waking up to a soothing morning sunlight would energize your body while you are still in bed. It's a seriously useful hack to get pumped up for the day.

8. Avoid social media
Seeing photos of one of your peers or friends partying on a beach in Bali could make you feel miserable (you are getting ready for work while they are vacationing). So avoid social media in the morning if you don't want to envy others and ruin your whole day.

9. Take a shower
Don't forget to take a shower, because there is nothing that a fresh, morning shower can't fix. Also, don't forget to use your favorite essential oils or scents while preparing your bath.

10. Drink Coffee
You might be doing this already, but if you don't—it's time that you start doing it ASAP, i.e. having a delicious, strong cup of morning coffee, and that too while sitting near a window or walking down the sunnier side of the street. This is an instant mood booster—just give it a try for a few days and you will be a morning-coffee-person too.


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