10 Simple Exercises You Can Do To Kick-Start Your Fitness Journey

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Many people would want to become more physically active and start working out on a regular basis, but sometimes they might feel intimidated by professional fitness instructors, athletes or other fitness enthusiasts at the gym. They might think that if they haven't lifted a dumbbell in the last 25-30 years, what's the point of doing it now? This is a bad mindset that can prevent you from becoming the person you want to be! Everyone started from 0 at some point in his life, including bodybuilding celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sagi Kalev, so it is normal to feel a little anxious until you learn the ropes.

With fitness, things are very simple. Once you become addicted to it, you will not want to go back and it won't matter that your grand parents didn't work out, your parents weren't the fittest persons in the world or that you haven't step foot in a gym before. You will simply become a new person and a better one indeed! So instead of letting anxiety and fear control your life, you can start doing simple things that will improve your fitness level and help you discover the athlete within you!

Practice small and you will soon become a giant!

Even if your fitness level is not excellent at the moment, you can still do a plethora of simple physical exercises that will benefit your body and improve your mindset. Start by practicing small and you will soon discover how much you have been missed out on! Here are a few interesting and simple exercises you can include in your daily routine.

Exercise #1: Go for a walk!

Yep, it is that simple. According to numerous studies and researches, walking can improve your cardiovascular health and lower blood pressure. You can start by walking 30 minutes a day, but make sure you do it!

Even if you are not in the mood, you feel tired or stressed, this will make you feel good and it will become easier and easier to do in the long run.

Exercise #2: Take the stairs!

Remember that we are focusing on simple tasks here, right? So, although you might have heard of this countless times before, how many times you actually put it into practice? Walking up the stairs instead of taking the elevator engages your quads and raises your heart rate. It is a simple, yet intense exercise. Do it as often as you can and you will feel proud about yourself. This will build up your fitness mentality and make you focus more on your body and what you can do with it.

Exercise #3: Do 10 squats!

Start with 10 squats every day. Make sure that you are putting all your weight into those heels and you exhale as you lift upwards. This is another great cardio routine that can be done anywhere! If it rains outside and you cannot go for a walk (Exercise #1) then you should do those squats instead. You have absolutely no excuse not to work out!

Exercise #4: Do 20 jumping jacks!

You can actually do even more as this exercise is very simple to do. Also, you don't have to jump very high, just an inch off the ground is enough. Do them early in the morning to make your blood move throughout the body and you have already set the foundation for a wonderful, productive day! If your fitness level is higher, you can combine them with squats if you want. See, you don't need to go to the gym, you can work out in the comfort of your own home.

Exercise #5: Do 10 pushups!

Pushups are a little bit more physically demanding, but you don't have to do a thousand. Make sure that you get your chest to the floor and keep your back straight. Pushups work on your cardiovascular strength, upper body strength and muscle definition. If they are hard at first, try placing your knees on the floor and them continue your sets.

Doing pushups is my favourite exercise because it engages so many muscles and makes you feel great afterwards. Soon I'll show you several pushup variations that will really get your blood flowing! By now you already have a simple calisthenics routine (exercises without weights or fitness devices, just your body) to put into practice every day. You have 0 excuses, so get to work!

Exercise #6: Do interval running!

Interval training basically focuses on doing a particular type of exercise at high intensity followed by a similar one at a lower intensity. You can do this when you run to reap a plethora of cardiovascular benefits. For example, you can start like this:

  • Run for 1 minute
  • Walk for 1 minute
  • Run for 2 minutes
  • Walk for 1 minute
  • Run for 3 minutes
  • Walk for 1 minute
  • Run for 5 minutes
  • Walk for 3 minutes

When your fitness level increases, you can even run for15-20 minutes and then walk for 5-8 minutes. Running is not that hard as you might think and if you do it with a friend, it will be even more interesting.

Exercise #7: Stay in  the plank position for 30 seconds

The plank position is very simple, you basically sit horizontally in your palms and feet. Make sure that your shoulders, elbows and hands are all in-line. Look downward towards the floor and start counting to 30. Although this exercise might appear simple, it works a plethora of muscle groups and improves your overall strength. If you cannot do a pushup yet, sit in plank for 30 seconds several times a day for a week and you will get better.

Exercise #8: do 15 leg scissors!

Up until now I presented you exercises that work your legs, your arms and shoulders, your core and now it is time to focus on your abs. To do a leg scissor, you have to sit horizontally on your back hands behind your neck, press your lower back into the floor and lift your legs. When one leg raises, the other one climbs down, meeting in the middle. This counts as 1 repetition. Do 10-15 20 repetitions a day, depending on your fitness level and put your awareness into your mid-section. This is a tougher exercise, but you will get better at it overtime.

Exercise #9: Stay in Superman for 60 seconds!

Now you can be your favourite superhero in the comfort of your own living room! Superman is a simple and effective exercise that works your back muscles. You sit on your belly, legs and arms are spread and lifted upwards. Basically, all the weight is in your core while your legs and hands don't touch the ground. Sit like this for 60 seconds and try to lift your hands and legs as high as you can. To add intensity, you can even pulse your limbs upwards, trying to reach higher and higher.

Exercise #10: Hang from a bar for 60 seconds!

Forearm strength is also important and if you have a pull-upbar then you are golden. All that you have to do is to hang from a pull-up bar for 60 seconds several times a day. It might seem simple, but it isn't! It took me several attempts to do it and my arms were burning like hell when I tried it, but it was worth it. This simple exercise strengthens your grip, your forearm muscles and lengthens your spine. Do it more often and you will not be sorry! If you cannot do 60 seconds, do 20 and work your way up.

This list contains exercises that work various body parts in an efficient manner. They don't take a long time to perform and they will definitely improve your fitness level. If you are at the beginning of your fitness journey, start with those exercises first and then it will be easier for you to lift dumbbells, bench press or perform physically demanding athletic moves.

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